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A golden retriever was romping about a meadow, when he met three bunnies. The three bunnies had soft, luxurious white fur, and small patches of black. The dog barked a greeting, and the bunnies, after overcoming their initial fear of an animal larger than themselves, started a playful game of…

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Zoom Calvin and Hobbes, what would I do without you?

Calvin and Hobbes, what would I do without you?

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How does someone live with so much hatred in the soul? Do you never do anything out of good intentions (whatever this may be, perhaps for once to do something for someone other than yourself. Maybe.)? How can one live with this sort of claustrophobic force that weighs down on you so relentlessly. It is so encompassing, this feeling, so draining and calculated. So, so negative. Still, perhaps it is the easier option to choose than to open your heart to the possibility of loving (anything). Why? Is it fear that stops us from caring for others because we are too afraid of being hurt? Is it experience that makes one jaded to kindness? Is it insecurity that doubts the plausibility that one might be loved? Is it selfishness that makes one believe that love is limited and should be reserved for oneself?
No, no-wait-I think I have got this all wrong; I have got it the wrong way round the entire time—It is not hatred that you live with, it is not hatred by which you live. Of course, not. It is too much love, for yourself. Nothing else matters but yourself. Then, how is it that you are so bitter towards everything? Maybe because it is hard to believe that the world does not love you quite the same way you love yourself?
For the longest time, I told myself to let the positive vibes outweigh the darkness that you bring. For the longest time, I told myself that there must be good in everyone, but sometimes life makes you forget that. For the longest time, I hoped for the best.

And it finally hit me today.

You are the black hole, and nothing, not even light can escape you.
Be careful, for one day, you might swallow yourself whole.

Maybe I will not feel like this about you tomorrow.
Maybe. But today, I need to remind myself.

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Don’t worry

You’ll be more than okay.

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I am starting to appreciate the sunshine. Some days, the skies are blue and the sun is out and I start to feel like this is what Summer should be like. No fear, no rain, no wind, no tears. And then, the dark days come, and there are days of gloom and the sun is introverted, hiding somewhere—come out, come out wherever you are. And that is when I realize how much I take the sun for granted. During winter, no one expects the sun. The cold is all there is. But when it comes to summer—poor sun, it is forced to shine, it is forced to turn up. Yet I have come to realize that it does not have to. Who demanded the sun in June, who told her to shine. Not me not I; still I get disappointed when I check my phone and it is a cloudy day.

Scotland, you have taught me a lot of things but I think I do not thank you enough for teaching me that nature owes me nothing—not even sunshine.

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Woke up an hour earlier today. Continued lying in bed doing nothing but listen to a couple of songs. This song was on repeat most of the time.

And now I cannot properly express what I’m feeling but to ask you to try it for yourself.

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Meerkats make the best photographer’s assistants EVER.

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Selfless ones

We don’t know half the things our parents do for us.
The little things, the big things.

Quietly, but surely,
allowing me to indulge in
my childish things

MY things: Me, me, me.

We grow up. Unaware. Self-entitled.
Proud and forgetful.

Remind me to take a little moment in my day
every day. To be grateful
and thankful for them.

And to make it a little easier for them,
the way they try to do so for us
every single day.

Thank you.

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I am not sure that I exist, actually. I am all the writers that I have read, all the people that I have met, all the women that I have loved; all the cities that I have visited, all my ancestors.

Jorge Luis Borges (via misswallflower)

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Go inside and listen to your body, because your body will never lie to you. Your mind will play tricks, but the way you feel in your heart, in your guts, is the truth.

Miguel Ruiz

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Zoom hours:

yes, calvin ♥


yes, calvin ♥

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Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.

— Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free (via observando)

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I offer to you
my bones and my veins. The parts
that break and that spill.

— Mary Kate Teske, Haiku (via childoflust)

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